How to add a website Plugin to your Site without Downloading a Plugin or Coding

As your online business grows, so also is the need for some of its functionality to improve and grow as well. This is where a plugin or widget comes to play. Even though most templates or themes come with a predesigned plugin.

What is a Plugin?

When there is a need to increase the site functionality, then you will need to add some extensions (software) known as plugins or widgets. Some of the plugins could be a chatbot, a customer review display, or a banner.

For you to get these plugins, you will either have to go for a predesigned template, then download it and design it to suit your need or have a basic coding knowledge to write the command you want.

With Elfsight software, you wouldn’t need to do all that as you get something simple and direct that will suit your design taste.

What is Elfsight?

Elfsight Apps is a SaaS service that provides customizable & coding-free website widgets with rich integration capabilities.

Elfsight Apps can be embedded to any website platform: WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla!, Drupal, BigCommerce, OpenCart, Adobe Muse, Webflow, HTML, Magento, Blogger, ModX, Webnode, Lightspeed, BigCartel, and more or added to an HTML website.

Elfsight has over 80+ predesigned templates ready to be used.

With Elfsight widgets, you can easily perform the following tasks on your website:

Increase Sales

· Pricing Table

· PayPal Button

· Countdown Timer

· Google Maps

· Testimonials Slider

· Facebook Reviews


Engage Website Visitors

· Instagram Feed

· Facebook Feed

· YouTube Gallery

· Twitter Feed

· Pinterest Feed

Support Customers

· Contact Form

· Form Builder


Get Followers

· Instagram Feed

· Facebook Feed

· YouTube Gallery

· Twitter Feed

· Social Media Icons

· Social Share Buttons

· Pinterest Feed

Elfsight widgets help 1,000,000+ website owners to increase sales, engage visitors, collect leads, and more.

You can request a template design if what you are looking for is not there.

How it Works

Choose a pre-designed template, and design it to your taste. Elfsight widgets are a simple drag and drop design that you easily manipulate.

Share the finished work to your site by copying a simple code.


Elfsight has 3 payment plans aside from the free plan.

Free Plan (Lite)

· 1 website

· 200 views / app

· Only bug fixes

$5/Month Plan (Basic)

· Unlimited websites

· 5,000 views / app

· Standard support

· Free installation service

· Elfsight logo removal

$10/Month (Pro Plan)

· Unlimited websites

· 50,000 views / app

· Premium support

· Free installation service

· Elfsight logo removal

$25/Month (Enterprise Plan)

· Unlimited websites


· Top-priority support

· Free installation service

· Elfsight logo removal


· The application is very flexible and dynamic.

· Large suite of widget options.

· Custom CSS.

· Adding a widget to a site is easy.

· Works with Elementor Pro setup.


· The extensions are hosted on their site

· Limited widgets available

Save your time and money with ready-to-use solutions and grow your business faster! Check Elfsight widget here.

Note: This post has some affiliate links in it. Purchasing through them means I will earn a commission from you at no additional cost.



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